Passenger Cars Utilising Higher Dual Clutch Transmission Shipments


Global dual clutch transmission shipments are demonstrating higher influx from automotive industries manufacturing passenger cars. Being an end-user segment, passenger car manufacturers are globally dominating as the rate at which dual clutch transmission (DCT) systems are employed in them is fairly higher than other vehicle segments. Future Market Insights (FMI) has compiled a report based on thorough market research that not only defines the key factors shaping up the dynamics of global dual clutch transmissions market but also illustrates why passenger cars are predominantly the most crucial end-users of DCT systems.

Dual clutch transmission shipments will continue to be driven by higher sales of passenger cars, which is observed to provide significant impact on the global DCT market. One of the biggest factor influencing higher employment of dual clutch transmission in passenger vehicles is the driving preferences of their users. Passenger car drivers are likely to prefer manual over automatic in terms of transmission technology. Similarly, adapting to continuously variable transmission (CVT) systems might involve preferential inclination as several users may develop apt drivability on DCT systems. Majority of global dual clutch transmission shipments are being directed to passenger car manufacturers, whereas commercial vehicles segment is likely to procure lower DCT consumption.

Another factor promoting use of DCT systems in passenger car segments is their operational efficiency. Since passenger cars are designed to commute number of people through urban traffic, avoiding clutch-related hindrances or faulty transmission is a priority. Passenger carmakers are harvesting more dual clutch transmission shipments as DCT technology befits such technical and operational requirements and also enhances them at the same time. Furthermore, FMI’s report also indicates how global per capita income analysis is bolstering sales of passenger cars over commercial vehicles, which incidentally allows the segment to procure greater dual clutch transmission shipments during the forecast period. In terms of market share, the global market for dual clutch transmissions will continue to witness more than 80% dominance accounted by passenger cars as end-users.

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