Pattaya Expats Club with David Cavanagh


If you’re looking to get started on the Internet, or you’re retired and want to learn how to make some money on the side, then on the 19th of June 2016, you need to get to the Pattaya Expats Club with David Cavanagh as one of the featured speakers for the day.

Listen how David explains how you can quickly and easily get started online, with next to no money, and how you can make up to 80% commission promoting other people’s products.

Most people who get online seem to complicate the issue by doing things which don’t need to be done, yet David Cavanagh explains things in a step by step, in an easy to understand way, where virtually everyone can start making money on the Internet.

David was quoted as saying: You need to pick a good niche to promote, invest in a keyword rich domain name, set us some hosting, advertise the products on your site, and drive targeted traffic and watch it convert“.

David said most people seem to focus 1% on 100 things, and the reason they don’t succeed, is because they need to focus 100% on 1 thing and do it properly.  He said some of his students and clients aren’t internet savvy, yet they’re generating leads, getting conversions and making money because they follow his step by step formula.

So, if you’re around Pattaya on Sunday 19th of June 2016, make sure you drop into the Mercure Hotel, and listen and watch David Cavanagh show the attendees how to get started online with a free website.  It’s going to be a very educational and inspirational presentation for definite!

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It’s the Pattaya Expats Club with David Cavanagh for 90 minutes which will change your life for the better!


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