Pet Waste Removal St. George


With summer coming, most of us are extremely busy with work, vacations and family.  That leaves very little time for trivial, but important things like cleaning poop and pet waste from our pets.  Dog and cat waste is the most common problem that can affect our health.  When left behind for a long time, the bacteria and germs they bring can attack our children’s health as well as adults.

Pet waste can cause irritation to people whether the poop is outside or inside the home.  And pet poop inside makes your home smelly and dirty.  That’s why, more and more, people are turning to pet poop clean up services.

Among the usual services that these pet waste removal services render for clients involve mostly the cleanup of the area where their domestic pets live. They will come to yourhome and remove pet waste from your yardso you won’t have to do it yourself.

Pet waste removal services in St. George, like  has been the perfect solution for families like Jose and Chelsea who are thankful they have someone they can count on to provide pet waste removal from their St. George home.  Chelsea is astonished  how reliable, professional, and quick Scoopy Doo has been for them.  With a playfull brindle pitbull, loveable pitbull great dane mix and also a very cheerfull boxer it was hard to clean up after their dogs themselves.   So they left it to the pros who always place customer needs first.  And Scoopy Doo keeps Jose & Chelsea’s new sod and backyard clean. There’s plenty of space to roll around and play thanks to Scoopy Doo!!!

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