PV Sindhu fights back at the World Super series


If we Indians have been too heartbroken about PV Sindhu getting a silver medal and not gold at the Olympics, then this might be the perfect time to celebrate since she has been able to successfully avenge her loss against Carolina Marin- and the match has been a heart rendering one. This game was held at the BWF World Super Series finals and there can be no denying the fact that Sindhu could be seen pouring her sweat and blood in to the game. There have been quite some talks about Sindhu and Carolina since they hit off during the Rio Olympics, but then Sindhu worked hard enough to have achieved her justice when she beat Carolina in the semi final stage of the Super series.

In the game, it was seen that Marin was more into playing a fast paced aggressive game, but then Sindhu was able to compete with her at a break neck speed and continued to win the battle of the nerves until when she won the fight. This was a very crucial match for her and India can celebrate on the fact that she did justice to the same by exhibiting her grit and gumption.

With this winning match, Sindhu has been able to be in the second rank just next to Sun Yu who belongs to China and has won every single match of this series. Many believe that Sindhu has the capacity to be in the top position when it comes to the international level, since she is a collaboration of stubborn winning gesture and determination. It was literally the loss of entire India when Sindhu lost to Marin with the scores 21-17 and 21-13, but the super final series win has made sure of the fact that the loss has not been a discouraging element for Sindhu, instead it has jumpstarted her to get better and win the losing battle. That is exactly what she did when she won straightaway while having her semi final Match with Carolina Marin. She says she is on her way to seal her position in the final as well.

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