Reasons Why You Should Raise Chickens


There are many reasons why you should choose to raise chickens than other animals. Some reasons are listed below.

– Nutritious and Great Tasting Eggs. Most animal lovers choose dogs, fish, and cats as their pet but these animals do not produce something that is edible unlike chickens that produce eggs.

– Chickens have their own personality. Each bird is completely different form the other chickens. They have their own uniqueness that is endearing. They are beautiful and they have different sizes, shapes, colours and patterns. You can give those names, spoil them or play with them any chance you get.

– They can provide a sustainable living. Keeping some chickens in your backyard can help you sustain your everyday life. You can be able to live your fast-paced life and meet your life’s demands if you have chickens in your yard.

– Chickens can make your garden or yard healthy and free from chemicals. These birds love to wander around your garden. By doing this, they eliminate dirt and insects by eating them such as small twigs, worms, beetles, earwigs, etc. and at the same time making your garden free from chemicals because they turn it into fertilizers so you won’t be needing chemicals anymore.

– They can eat your left overs. Chickens are not choosy with regards to the food that they eat. They can eat almost everything – even your left overs so you do not have to worry about how to dispose them because you can give them to your chickens. You can save money to buy chicken food for this. Do not give chickens onion and garlic because they may affect the taste of the eggs.

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– Balance, compost pile. Chickens can contribute to your composting by means of their poo. Eggshells can also help in the soil resulting to a fertile and rich soil.

– Some of these fowl help in eliminating grass, weeds and fallen leaves. They will be happy to dig garden debris until they are all gone.

– Chickens are low maintenance. You do not need to feed them twice daily, walk them, brush or give them a bath. All you need to do is gather eggs, feed them and give them water. You should also change their bedding monthly.

– Save chickens from a factory life. Factory raised chickens are treated unkindly. Raising your own chicken lessens the number of chickens being raised in a farm or factory.

– Be different. Raising chickens are still uncommon nowadays. You will be unique among your neighbours if you choose to raise chickens than the ordinary dogs and cats. Amaze them with your hatched eggs and well-built chicken coop.

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of raising chicken, you must do some research if chickens are right for you. Even if you love chickens, you need to think about some important points.If you think chickens are cute, you’re off to a good start. You need to be fond of chicken for you to be able to enjoy raising them. If you find chickens unappealing, you may be less motivated to raise them which are bad for you and the chickens. If you love chickens but your partner doesn’t, be ready to take care of the chickens by yourself.

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