ReCore: A laser-shooting robot dog can’t save this half-baked adventure


Enlarge / ReCore protagonist Joule, seen here feeling strong about her newest shiny pick-up.

Read enough archival stories on an average games news site and you’ll probably find a story of a game’s tragic cancellation. Maybe the “game that never was” seemed promising because of a cool-sounding premise, a veteran development staff, or some delicious twist beyond the industry’s usual predictable fare.

Those sad canceled-game stories usually end with hard truths, however, like bad management, major bugs, or an idea that didn’t turn out as good as it sounded on paper.

In a different world, Microsoft’s first “Xbox Anywhere” gameReCore, might have only appeared as a leaked prototype or a behind-the-scenes story of a cancelation. It sure feels like that kind of game: as in, a “finished” product whose seams show all too clearly, and whose potential doesn’t match the end result.

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