Residents of White Settlement, Texas say water is bad and they are paying for it


White Settlement Tx Water TowerResidents of White Settlement, Texas – a suburb of Fort Worth – say their tap water quality is bad and they are paying too much for it. Many complain that it smells and the City of White Settlement itself has suggested that residents not drink the water.

According to the water quality report that is issued each year by the City of White Settlement, the water is safe for use and consumption. But the water does sometimes smell of chlorine, many residents report.

Residents are also claiming that the price of water is too high. A rate increase went into effect on May 1st, but many residents are claiming that the water bills are many times higher than they normally are; some residents have stated that there water bills are $1000’s of dollars more and are being billed for water usage that is not occurring on their property. Residents report that the City of White Settlement Water Department is unwilling to help or look into why the bills are so outrageously high.

Residents believe that their water bills are high due to the Hawaiian Falls, now Splash Dayz water park that is in the city limits.

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