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I am sure that you are aware that UBER & Lyft are no longer allowed to do business in the Austin, Texas city limits. Initially, this caused quite an uproar and was quite a shocker, as well as a HUGE inconvenience, for the University of Texas students and downtown event & bar scenes.

Now, there are several ridesharing companies all competing for marketshare and “attempting” to take the place of UBER & Lyft. It can be quite confusing and frustrating trying to choose the best alternative and most efficient solution. After reviewing several Rideshare apps and speaking with drivers, as well as passengers, the conclusion has come down to ONE APP!

Austin’s Best Ridesharing App

FARE (RideFare LLC)

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Ridesharing Austin | Ride Fare
Best Rideshare Company Austin | FARE


The reality is that FARE is becoming the most popular and #1 Fastest Growing rideshare app in Austin. This is clearly due to the functions that the Fare application gives to it’s riders / passengers.


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