Scissor removed after 18 years by Vietnamese medics


It has been recently reported that a pair of scissors that had been left in an individual’s abdomen have been finally removed after a span of 18 years by the Vietnamese doctors. This unbelievable thing has occurred in the Nguyen province of the country and the medical board has flown right from the Hanoi in order to do the operation on the person. The patient, who is 54 years old went for the hospital after he met with a car accident on road, and after the preliminary checks, an ultrasound was done. It was the result of the ultrasound that shocked the doctors as it detected a sharp object in his abdomen.

Thereafter a second check was done in order to confirm the doubt and it got cleared- there was a 6inch scissor pair that was resting right next to his colon- this news has been reported by the Tuoi Tre newspaper. The patient has later said that this might have occurred when he had a small operation in the year 1998 at the Bac Kan General hospital and the surgeon might have ‘accidentally’ left the pair of scissors there. He did not feel a thing back then until recently, when he used to feel sharp pain in his stomach which would not go away by any painkillers. The surgeons who removed the scissors said that the pain was occurring due to the fact that the scissor had got stuck in the nearby organs and was not easy to pull out.

A serious investigation is being done about the fact and the person who was responsible for this is being found out. But it is a tough thing to do right now because the hospital does not retain patient records for more than 15 years. As for the patient, he is recovering and is in a stable condition and the doctors say that he is likely to return home by next week. The police is investigating in a thorough manner in this case and hopes to find the culprit behind the mishap pretty soon.

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