Senior Care Franchise Opportunities Poised for Exponential Growth


Franchise CityThe populations of the United States and other developed countries are aging more rapidly than at any other time in history. In the U.S. alone, roughly 10,000 individuals turn 65 each year. And with the Baby Boomers only just starting to enter full retirement, these numbers will continue to grow for several years to come. This major demographic shift has paved the way for a new growth industry – in home senior care.

It is a known fact that the vast majority of seniors have always wanted to remain at home during retirement. The Baby Boomers are certainly no exception; in fact, they have no intention of fading off the scene quietly, and the last thing they want is to end up spending their golden years in a nursing home. To cater to this market, there has been an explosion of senior care franchise opportunities.

Senior care franchises offer several potential advantages for aspiring entrepreneurs. First of all, there is very low overhead. Since the services are delivered at the home of the client, all that is necessary is an office with a couple staff and a team of in home caregivers. Once a new franchisee builds up a strong base of clientele, they have residual income that comes in month after month.

Do I need to be a Health Care Professional to Own a Senior Care Franchise?

Many wonder what type of background is needed to become a franchisee for a senior care company. Being a nurse or a doctor is helpful if you are investing in a franchise that offers medical/nursing services. However, some of the more successful models deliver non-medical care; services such as companionship, preparing meals, grocery shopping and light housekeeping. These services can be provided by caregivers without a medical background, and they are more affordable for a client that is only in need of a little extra assistance to stay in their home.


All areas of the U.S. and Canada have strong senior populations these days, so this business can work just about anywhere. That said, places such as Florida, Arizona and southern Nevada are especially strong markets.

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