Shriver Family Mansion Drug Bust: Caretaker Gave Drug Runners Access


Hyannisport, Mass, in 2008

The Cape Cod mansion property belonging to the Shriver family, which is an arm of famous Kennedy family, was raided and found to be riddled with hidden drugs. This stash of a powerful painkilling drug, which was found in various locations on the Shriver’s property, would have been on the streets if not discovered and confiscated by law enforcement.

It is important to note that the Kennedy and Shriver families had no idea that this was happening. It was a caretaker of the property giving the drug runners access to the Shriver family’s premises, which they used to stash and apparently distribute these drugs.

The home is owned by the Shriver arm of the Kennedy family and sits in Hyannisport, where the famous Kennedy compound is located. Fox and Friends live on Friday morning report that a Shriver family mansion was a location being used by drug runners for the distribution of the powerful drug fentanyl, which is located in one of the most prestigious areas of the country.

Police had no idea that the multi-million dollar Shriver home was being used for drugs, that is until two people they were tailing happened to lead them to the Shriver mansion. The New York Post reports these drug runners turned the “multi-million dollar home owned by the Shriver family into a major distribution hub for fentanyl.”

According to reports, this was not only a major distribution operation, but it was orchestrated in an area that is saturated by the rich and famous. Many of the homes in the Hyannisport area of the Cape are only the summer residences for people like the Shriver and Kennedy families. This would explain why there wasn’t any family members staying at the property and why the drug runners’ frequent visits to the Shriver mansion didn’t raise any red flags. Other than the caretaker, there was no one else around.

Police were following two people, Troy Monteiro and his girlfriend Ariel Price-Perry, when they led them right to the Hyannisport, home on Wednesday. Police arrested Monteiro and Price-Perry, along with a third person, Trevor Rose, who was using the home along with Monteiro as a drug distributing hub.

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According to RadarOnline, this is a “Kennedy Drug Scandal,” but the use of this home by the drug runners was not known by any of the Kennedy or Shriver family members. It was the caretaker of the home that allowed the Shriver’s property to be used by Monteiro and Rose. Police didn’t name the caretaker of the Shriver home who had been giving the suspects access to the property. It is unclear if he or she was arrested or not.

What police found scattered throughout various areas of the beach, which is adjacent to the Shriver mansion, amounts to about $40,000 worth of the powerful pain medication fentanyl. They uncovered 200 grams of the substance in all. Fentanyl is a drug that is often mixed with heroin, giving it that potency that can be deadly if too much is consumed. It is also a drug that is used alone as prescription painkiller for severe and chronic pain.

Both Monteiro and Rose were arrested on various drug charges, with Price-Perry taken into custody and charged after she was caught attempting to destroy evidence. She is charged with impeding a police investigation.

According to the New York Post, police charged “Monteiro with two counts of trafficking fentanyl and conspiracy to violate the controlled substance act and Rose with one count of trafficking and one count of possession of cocaine.”

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CBS Local News in Boston reports that the caretaker “helped” both Monteiro and Rose use the Shriver-owned Cape Cod mansion. Both Rose and Monterio are living in the New Bedford area of Massachusetts, but they are originally from Cape Cod. Police report that these men traveled from their New Bedford homes out to Cape Cod every day to distribute the drug fentanyl to “numerous Cape Cod area users and dealers.”

According to documents, the home is owned by the Limited Liability Company, which is managed by the late Sargent and Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s son, Bobby Shriver III. He was not at home during the investigation and he had no knowledge that this was going on.

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