Snake venom smugglers caught in India


In the recent reports only, it had been revealed that India was the place where the most snake smuggling took place- not even a few days later, today, some of the snake venom smugglers were caught red-handed by the police. The investigating team was astounded to find that the capture consisted of 70 snakes- namely the most venomous Russell’s vipers as well as the Cobras and also a container containing as much as 30ml of fresh snake venom as well.

In the latest statistics it has been found that due to the unruly and illegal acts of these peddlers, the number of the venomous snakes was depleting in a rapid rate, and the team here got to know that there were some culprits who were using the snakes as a means of making money. Only after the team tracked them in the most suppressed manner were they able to find and release all the snakes and capture the culprits as well.

This has occurred in Pune and Indian Police have taken strict actions against the ones who have been caught so far.  It is being assumed that there is a big racket behind all the snake venom snuggling and the police hope to find all the candidates of the entire racket and hold them for trial as well. All the snakes have been handed over to the officials of the forest department where they will be checked and released.

Many of the reports so far have released the fact that there are a lot of pharmaceutical firms that buy these venoms at very high prices in order to create antidotes of snakebites out of the same. Not only that, these are used for a number of other medicine making as well. But according to the Indian Law, captivating the snakes is considered as illegal and is banned totally. Till now two of the people have been suspected to have bought the venom from the snake catchers’ buts a lot more is remaining to know as well. Police Inspector affirms the fact that the snake venoms are always entering the market through unfair means.

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