Social Network


So we find ourselves trapped among the norm of using the big hitter social networks for our everyday lives. We are hit with so many different things. Like Politics, Religion, Poligion (Ok Not a real word. But I call it that when politics and religion starts to blend!).

So what are we to do? The sad thing is most of the media will curb our views and influence us to believe what they are saying is the most accurate thing out there. But they do this to just push some kind of agenda of their own. Whether its a personal or editorial vendetta against someone or some organization. We as the society follow it and decide. They must be on to something. But when it comes down to it. We as a society are silenced because we are not heard!

So I think it is time we are heard! Rise up and debate your views! This is simple. Try it on this small social network and make a buzz. It is easy to sign up. You can use your email address. Or you can use your Facebook account.

You can learn more at the link below.

What are you waiting for? Let your voice be heard!

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