Square Enix teases Apple Watch role-playing game


(credit: Square Enix)

The Apple Watch will soon get its first true RPG, developed by Final Fantasy creator Square Enix. The company released a teaser website that simply shows what is presumably the name of the game—Cosmos Rings.

Aside from some psychedelic blue-and-purple artwork, the site simply shows a wrist with an Apple Watch on it and details that the game will indeed be an RPG available for the Apple Watch through the Watch App Store. While there’s no detail of actual gameplay, the Japanese website Gamer appears to have some screenshots of what the game may look like on the device. However, there’s no way to know how credible those screenshots are, and Square Enix could still be finalizing Cosmos Rings, so the actual look and feel of the game could change significantly. Also noticeably absent is any mention of Android Wear or other smartwatches—the game appears to be exclusively for the Apple Watch.

Apple’s smartwatch isn’t necessarily built to support an intense RPG, though. Its screen is quite small and aside from tapping and maybe some gestures, controlling actions in the game might be difficult. There’s also battery life to consider—currently the Apple Watch only lasts a full day on a single charge, so putting the system under stress from this game will only make the battery run out faster.

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