Star Wars Rogue One Action Figures Black Series


star wars rogue one action figures

A new website has launched which focuses on the Star Wars action figures from Rogue One. Rogue One just hit the movie theaters in December and is the 7th installment of the movie series. Rogue One takes place after the Revenge of the Sith movie, but before the original Star Wars movie that started it all. Many popular Star Wars action figures from Hasbro have evolved from the popular Star Wars series over the years.

One of the most popular line of Star Wars action figures are the black series edition. New Rogue One action figures should be no exception to the rule. People looking for deals and reviews can visit this new website to check the popular Jyn Erso Star Wars action figure and many others from the movie. People looking to buy these new action figures for the black series can check out reviews as well as to see actual you tube videos. Star Wars action figures can be ordered online and usually at a savings. Check out more information here.

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