Starlitt Beauty Launches Magic Detangling Brush on Amazon


detangling brushStarlitt Beauty Launches Magic Brush on Amazon

Magic Brush is a tangle-free brush for kids and adults

JUNE 8, 2016 – Starlitt Beauty is pleased to announce the launch of their latest product, the Magic Brush. The special brush is designed to offer tangle-free, pain-free hair brushing for kids and adults.

The compact brush is a handheld hair product made for men, women, and children alike. It fits comfortably in the hand and can be used in conjunction with heat or blow drying. Offering an easy, gentle way to detangle hair, the Magic Brush can be used on hair of all lengths.

The Starlitt Beauty Magic Detangling Brush is available in 4 colors and designed with durable thermoplastic. The Magic Detangling Brush can be found on Amazon, where Prime members receive free 2-day shipping. More information can be found at

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Top Customer Reviews

Color: Pink Verified Purchase

I’ve been wanting to try a tangle free brush for a while. So when the opportunity came to try the Magic Brush at a discounted price for an honest review, I jumped on it! This brush is fantastic for my long, straight, thick hair. It goes right through the knots and tangles with ease. I’ve used it with dry hair and with wet hair. Either way it just glides through, no problem. I’m no longer losing balls of hair every time I brush. I used it on my 2 year old daughter, who hates having her hair brushed. She sat through this just fine. It’s not the kind of brush that you can make a good part for pig tails, but it gets the knots out, without tears.
The brush is perfect size for carrying in your purse. The cover is just an added bonus.
I recommend this to brush to anyone who needs a good detangling brush.

Color: Pink

I don’t know where to begin so I will start with WE LOVE THIS HAIR BRUSH.

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Mornings used to be crying and running away from the brush by my now 10 year old daughter. She was doing this since the age of 4 and I am so happy to report that we are using this brush for 3 weeks now. Well, she is using it. I no longer need to brush her hair. She does it herself with perfect results.

No tears, no wear and tear and no mad mommy.

The hair brush fits nicely in the hand. There is no handle. You wrap your hands around it and just brush. There is a cover for it which I assume is to keep the bristles protected. The bristles are thin, plastic pieces that not only get through the hair easily without causing any issues with snags but also leaves the hair looking silky smooth.

I have no idea how it works but it does. My daughter swears by it and brushes her hair now a few times a day. She takes it everywhere with her in fact, made sure she had it with her for her first day of swim class this morning.


Starlitt Beauty Launches Magic Detangling Brush on Amazon

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