Steady rise of the stand-alone solar micro inverter segment to impact the overall growth of the solar micro inverter market


The rising pollution level is acutely disturbing the balance of the ecosystem. Entire world is suffocating under the wide and expanding blanket of pollution. Core energy sources are almost on the brink of extinction and the human race is switching to a convenient and healthy source of alternate energy such as solar. Solar energy is not only convenient, but is also clean and cheap. Leading economies of the world like US are fast adapting this alternate energy resource to create a better tomorrow. US has more than 480,000 installed solar systems.

With the rising popularity of solar power, the market of solar micro inverters is also surging. The micro solar inverters are those which are charged by solar power and they convert direct current (DC) to (AC) or Alternate current. Solar power inverters are heavily used in common households for generating energy. Though the price is high for a normal inverter, but the solar micro inverters are safe and intelligent extremely convenient for the user. The solar micro inverter market is soaring steadily around the globe as they are cheap, clean and environment-friendly and the governments of different countries are promoting the use of solar energy through added tax benefits. This is encouraging the use of rising of the micro solar inverters. A recent report published by Future market insights (FMI) highlights the growth potential of the micro solar inverter market and also focuses on the segment wise development of the micro solar inverter market.

Amongst the array of categories, the Stand Alone Micro Inverter Systems segment is predicted to witness a healthy upsurge. There are several reasons which are fueling the growth of this segment. The stand-alone micro inverters market is expanding as they use an advanced technique to convert DC to AC and it helps them increase the power output significantly. This technology increases the demand for this kind of stand-alone micro inverters. They provide extreme flexibility and can be fitted in the best possible direction to get maximum sunlight. No need of heavy DC cables to pass on the energy which makes it safer than the others. Each panel works independently and single panel failure makes no difference in the overall performance of the panel. They are easy to expand. These inbuilt qualities of the stand-alone solar micro inverters are increasing the market acceptability of the product and increasing the solar micro inverter market in different regions of the world.

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