Syrian Ceasefire prevails


A ceasefire has prevailed between the Syrian government forces and the rebel groups and that has gone nationwide. This occurrence was supported by the Russia and Turkey who also tends to act as the guarantors started right at midnight. This deal which has been done has been able to include a lot of rebel groups but absolutely not the Jihadists of the ‘so called’ Islamic state and even the Kurdish YPG have been expelled from the same. The ceasefire, if continues for another few days might bring out the message of peace in Syria finally, and there are news of peace talks being held in Kazakhstan within a month as well.

The UK based group named as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights have been able to supervise over the conflict all the time has declared that during the time of the truce, majority of the country was calm and composed for the initial hours. But then there was an outbreak of clash amidst the various rebels and the forces of the government in the Hama province. In the year 2011, March, at least 30,000 people were reported to be killed in the fight that followed the rebellion against the Bashar Al- Assad.  After that incident, about 4 million people had been seeking refuge in the neighbouring countries as well.

The Aleppo government has demonstrated the fact that if Russia and the Syrian allies can withhold the initiative, then, the new cease fire agreement declares that even Moscow has some good momentum in this case. Russia has gone through an array of ceasefires by now, but this time it is not about the US and Russian bilateral but now it is an agreement between the two regions Moscow and Ankara.

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Now the real question is about the output that all these agreements are going to finally bring since that is the only thing that matters as yet. The highly unstable situation is yet to calm down and the series of rebellions is taking this region to being a major warfare ground- we just hope that the ceasefire can help in this prospect.

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