Newbies Make Money Online Without A Website

In a bid to help newbies make money online in the quickest, easiest way possible, Patrick Chan of The CB Passive Income has created a money making system like no other available online right now.

He understands that newbies are so desperate to make money online, but over 98% of people fail due to lack of tech skills, information overwhelm, shiny object syndrome and lack of clarity.

“I decided to make it so simple, a 10 year old could implement this and make money online in the quickest time possible. Not only have I created an entire sales funnel & email followup sequence that my students can clone immediately, which is proven to convert cold traffic into sales, but I also teach my students simple ways to generate traffic to their sales funnel, even if they have a small budget”, says Patrick Chan of The CB Passive Income.

Patrick has worked with some of the most powerful marketers in the business, speaks at seminars across the world and has hundreds of students who work with him closely to build their online businesses. Now he is opening the doors to the public to reach a more personal goal of helping even more people find success online using his strategies.

“A copy and paste system that can instantly be duplicated by the average person to make easy money online is what I set out to achieve and the feedback I have recieved from my students is nothing short of amazing. I feel humbled and grateful to have this opportunity to touch the lives of so many people in such a positive way”, says Patrick Chan of The CB Passive Income.

Over the years, Patrick has tested and tweaked his sales funnels and email followup sequences to extract as much profit as possible, by providing value to subscribers and then recommending products that are listed on the Clickbank marketplace that can help the subscribers find solutions to specific problems, which can generate as much as 75% commission per sale.

“It really is a simple recipe I use. I attract people to my squeeze pages by offering a solution to a specific problem in exchange for their email address, I then provide value to the subscriber after providing the free gift and recommend related products the subscribers find useful and earn a commission every time someone buys (otherwise known as affiliate marketing), which is more often than not, says Patrick Chan of The CB Passive Income.

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