Tapia robot claims to understand how you are feeling

Can robots eventually end up as our mates one day? Who knows, and that is one particular topic that has been approached many times in science fiction endeavors, be it in print or on the silver screen. Until that fateful day arrives, however, plenty of work needs to be done — including making sure that robots of today are able to figure out human emotions. Now that is certainly a …
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The World Series of Hacking—without humans

Seeking a future where networks patch themselves, DARPA stages an AI vs. AI smackdown. sci tech news

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Tapia – the AI Robot who makes you feel feelings

We live in a day and age where work is becoming more and more important, and our social lives are starting to suffer. It’s not that we don’t want to go out with friends, but if we want to keep our heads above water and move on to a job we don’t hate, we have to work harder than ever. That being said, it can get pretty lonely when you’re …
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Google unleashes DeepMind on energy-hungry datacenter, cutting cooling bill by 40 percent

hal9000 DeepMind may be a master at one of the most complex games on Earth, but can it handle the day-to-day energy concerns of a Google datacenter? Yes, as it turns out, and with a vengeance. Read More Syndicated from TechCrunch

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Chatbot Gets 160,000 Parking Tickets Overturned in London and New York

Chatbot Gets 160,000 Parking Tickets Overturned in London and New York:

An artificial-intelligence lawyer chatbot has successfully contested 160,000 parking tickets across London and New York for free, showing that chatbots can actually be useful….

The results speak for themselves. In the 21 months since the free service was launched in London and now New York, Browder says DoNotPay has taken on 250,000 cases and won 160,000, giving it a success rate of 64% appealing over $4m of parking tickets.

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Google’s DeepMind AI to use 1 million NHS eye scans to spot diseases earlier

Privacy is unlikely to be an issue for this fully anonymised dataset. sci tech news

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