The Night JFK Airport Went Mad

The Night JFK Airport Went Mad:

It was a burst of hysteria that shows our capacity to generate our own terror even in the absence of actual terrorists, especially when the authorities are actively spreading the flames…. Decades of sociological research have shown that, no matter how many Hollywood clichés to the contrary you may have seen, it is rare for a disaster to produce a mass panic; spontaneous cooperation and emergent order are the norm. But there is little spontaneous cooperation or emergent order in [David] Wallace-Wells’ story – not until the apparent danger has passed….

Why? We’ll need more than one man’s account before we can get anything approaching a full answer to that question. But one theme running through Wallace-Wells’ report is that the people policing the airport intervened in heavy-handed ways that made the situation much worse.

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Wise Parenting Uses Natural Consequences, Not Artificial Ones Imposed by Force

Wise Parenting Uses Natural Consequences, Not Artificial Ones Imposed by Force:

We wonder why, after years of allowing them very few decisions, our children end up such poor decision-makers. We give them little responsibility and wonder why, as young men and women, they are so irresponsible. We endeavor to inculcate strict obedience to every parental dictate, and wonder why every generation is so servile and submissive to the state.

But if unchecked by parental authority, will not a child yield to his impulses, to the detriment of his socialization, education, and even physical safety? How can the child mature, if there are no consequences for misbehavior?

It is not a question of consequences or no consequences. The question concerns the kind of consequence.

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