How Comedy Helped One Teen Overcome Leukemia To see more from…

How Comedy Helped One Teen Overcome Leukemia

To see more from Mitch’s experience at tonight’s #standup2cancer event hosted by Bradley Cooper, watch our Instagram story.

When Mitch Carbon (@carbo_nation ) was diagnosed with a rare form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia at 13, he found solace in comedy. “Humor was a window to my old life, pre-cancer,” says Mitch, now 18 and a lifelong fan of “Saturday Night Live.” “It gave me comfort and helped me make light of a horrible situation.” After the cancer spread to his brain, Mitch underwent a clinical trial. The treatment would put him in a coma for five days, but he eventually recovered in time to graduate from high school. Tonight, he’ll be at the Stand Up to Cancer (@su2c ) live broadcast, which looks to raise funds to fight the disease. “I just want to help people in some way,” he says. “I want to live hard, play hard and change the world for the better.”

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