Marine Corps F-35B scores a kill (sort of)—with a Navy-launched missile

F-35’s sensors guide an Aegis missile to “over-the-horizon” target at White Sands. sci tech news

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America’s F-22 Raptor: The fighter jet Japan desperately wants (but can’t have)

By James Simpson In late June, the Japanese ministry of defense made its initial request for information on next-generation jet fighters from manufacturers, kickstarting the long process of replacing the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force’s Mitsubishi F-2 multirole fighters with a… Read More ›
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Military-Industrial Election

Military-Industrial Election:

Like all special interests in the nation’s capital, the defense industry is spending millions of dollars this election season to ensure a front-row spot at the federal trough – and in the case of the most powerful military-industrial contractors, a chance to influence the national-security policies that will keep production lines humming and profit margins growing.

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