Make America (Realize It’s) Safe Again

Make America (Realize It’s) Safe Again:

Donald Trump keeps insisting we live in dangerous times…. And most Americans agree with him. In June 71% of Americans said they expected further terrorist attacks in the United States over the next several weeks. And 53% recently said they worry a great deal about crime while 70% believe that there is more crime in the United States than there was a year ago.

It may have been smart politics for Trump to use Make America Safe Again as the theme for the opening day of the Republican National Convention. The facts, however, suggest Americans are already quite safe.

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The Night JFK Airport Went Mad

The Night JFK Airport Went Mad:

It was a burst of hysteria that shows our capacity to generate our own terror even in the absence of actual terrorists, especially when the authorities are actively spreading the flames…. Decades of sociological research have shown that, no matter how many Hollywood clichés to the contrary you may have seen, it is rare for a disaster to produce a mass panic; spontaneous cooperation and emergent order are the norm. But there is little spontaneous cooperation or emergent order in [David] Wallace-Wells’ story – not until the apparent danger has passed….

Why? We’ll need more than one man’s account before we can get anything approaching a full answer to that question. But one theme running through Wallace-Wells’ report is that the people policing the airport intervened in heavy-handed ways that made the situation much worse.

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Channeling Cheney: The Democrats’ Terrorist Fearmongering and War on Due Process

Channeling Cheney: The Democrats’ Terrorist Fearmongering and War on Due Process:

In their effort to exploit Orlando and other recent mass shootings, Feinstein and the Democrats encountered a serious problem: Neither Omar Mateen, nor the racist Charleston killer Dylann Roof, nor numerous other mass shooters, were on any terrorist watchlist. So Feinstein wrote a special provision in her bill to obviate this objection, one empowering the attorney general to put anyone on the banned list…

After Feinstein’s bill was rejected last night on a largely party-line vote by the Senate, the Democrats unleashed a fearmongering messaging campaign so exploitative and deceitful that it would have made Karl Rove blush with embarrassment, or at least seethe with envy.

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