Cops Show Up At Wrong Address, Shoot 76-Year-Old Man

Cops Show Up At Wrong Address, Shoot 76-Year-Old Man:

Gerald Sykes and his wife were asleep late Friday night at their Cumberland County home when their dog began barking.

Sykes’ wife woke him up and he went into the living room… Sykes looked out through the French doors leading to a deck where he saw the shadow of a person outside.

Kaser said Sykes went back into his bedroom and got his shotgun….

Authorities say two state troopers had come to the home after mistakenly being told it was the location of a 911 hang-up call….

One trooper fired four times and Sykes fired his shotgun once.

Authorities have not said who fired first.

However, [attorney Rich] Kaser says the Sykes family told him police fired first from outside the home as Sykes, 76, stood in the living room.

Sykes was hit three times…

The troopers had gone to the Sykes’ home after being told that a 911 hang-up cell phone call placed around 11:30 p.m. had originated there. Police arrived at the home around midnight.

It turned out that was a mistake, according to the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office which is reviewing the case….

Kaser said Sykes was ordered to come out of the house. His shirt now soaked in blood, his attorney said, he was helped out by his wife and then ordered to lay face-down on the ground and was handcuffed.

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