Pokémon Go church stunt could mean hefty jail term for Russian blogger

22-year-old accused of “insulting religious sensitivities,” faces five years behind bars. sci tech news

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Privacy Scandal Haunts Pokemon Go’s CEO

Privacy Scandal Haunts Pokemon Go’s CEO:

The suddenly vast scale of Pokemon Go adoption is matched by the game’s aggressive use of personal information. Unlike, say, Twitter, Facebook, or Netflix, the app requires uninterrupted use of your location and camera…

All the more alarming, then, that Pokemon Go is run by a man whose team literally drove one of the greatest privacy debacles of the internet era…

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Scientists just figured out how to make Pokémon interact with the real world

Scientists just figured out how to make Pokémon interact with the real world:

For better or worse, Pokémon Go changed our lives, and now it’s hard to imagine life without those plucky virtual creatures sneaking up on you when you’re trying to pee.

But get ready for it, because researchers from MIT have kicked the augmented reality game up a notch by inventing a program that allows virtual objects like Pokémon to interact with real-world environments.

Yep, this means one day you could be snaring a Ponyta as it prances through a field (you monster) or wasting 20 Pokéballs on a Zubat that keeps messing up your curtains.

The technology, dubbed Interactive Dynamic Video not only allows animated characters move about the world – it allows them to realistically affect objects in the environment, like Pikachu rustling the leaves of a bush in the footage below.

“This technique lets us capture the physical behaviour of objects, which gives us a way to play with them in virtual space,” Abe Davis from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory told MIT News. “By making videos interactive, we can predict how objects will respond to unknown forces and explore new ways to engage with videos.”

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