The Chargemander gives Pokemon Trainers another reason to keep going

If you’ve been bitten by the Pokemon Go bug, then you know how easy it is to lose hours of your life going on a healthy walk with friends to try and catch ‘em all. Of course, the problem with that app is that it drains your phone’s battery at around a percent a minute. If you haven’t already, it’s pretty much mandatory that you get yourself a backup battery …
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Privacy Scandal Haunts Pokemon Go’s CEO

Privacy Scandal Haunts Pokemon Go’s CEO:

The suddenly vast scale of Pokemon Go adoption is matched by the game’s aggressive use of personal information. Unlike, say, Twitter, Facebook, or Netflix, the app requires uninterrupted use of your location and camera…

All the more alarming, then, that Pokemon Go is run by a man whose team literally drove one of the greatest privacy debacles of the internet era…

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Pokémon Over Ear Headphones comes with a microphone

Are you a huge Pokémon fan, having grown up with these pocket monsters back when they were a hit on the Nintendo Game Boy, and continued on in your quest to “collect ‘em all” through various iterations of Nintendo’s portable handheld platform — the Nintendo Game Boy Advanced, the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 3DS? Well, now that you are on the move with Pokémon Go, surely it is about … Syndicated from Coolest Gadgets

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Scientists just figured out how to make Pokémon interact with the real world

Scientists just figured out how to make Pokémon interact with the real world:

For better or worse, Pokémon Go changed our lives, and now it’s hard to imagine life without those plucky virtual creatures sneaking up on you when you’re trying to pee.

But get ready for it, because researchers from MIT have kicked the augmented reality game up a notch by inventing a program that allows virtual objects like Pokémon to interact with real-world environments.

Yep, this means one day you could be snaring a Ponyta as it prances through a field (you monster) or wasting 20 Pokéballs on a Zubat that keeps messing up your curtains.

The technology, dubbed Interactive Dynamic Video not only allows animated characters move about the world – it allows them to realistically affect objects in the environment, like Pikachu rustling the leaves of a bush in the footage below.

“This technique lets us capture the physical behaviour of objects, which gives us a way to play with them in virtual space,” Abe Davis from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory told MIT News. “By making videos interactive, we can predict how objects will respond to unknown forces and explore new ways to engage with videos.”

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The Best Companion Apps for Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go has taken over the world, rejuvenated a dying company (kinda?), massacred millions of phone batteries, and created lasting adventures. Before the craze is over, check out these apps to develop your skills and have the most fun. 

Poke Radar – (iOS, Android)

Everyone wants to catch an elusive Pokémon – or at least a personal fave (I swear I’ll quit the game once I catch a Pikachu). Poke Radar helps you spot which species have spawned in certain areas. This can help you and you friends find the perfect location to visit and catch whatever your heart desires. As the whole app is crowd-sourced, you should add all your info to make the data even more complete! 

GoChat – (iOS, Android)

There are countless adorable stories of people meeting new friends and reconnecting with others through a passion for Pokémon Go. GoChat provides a much needed messaging platform for players and fans alike. It was created by an avid beta tester who simply wanted to create an even better experience for users. Download it to meet and keep in touch with new friends.

PokeMatch – (iOS, Android)

Single? Perhaps you’ll be interested in PokeMatch, a brand new dating app only for Pokémon Go trainers. You can filter through users by gender and team (I’m Valor in case you were wondering) and swipe through like any other dating app. If you find someone you’re interested in, you simply select a PokéStop to meet at. Let me know if you find the love of your life; I’m desperate for cute stories.

Though I’m not sure how long the mania will last, I am confident that this game has and will continue to shape mobile gaming in the future. Niantic Labs, the company behind Pokémon Go, developed another augmented reality game called Ingress; I would, arguably, call it the best mobile game I’ve ever seen. Accessible augmented reality is here, and I couldn’t be happier.

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Pair that brought guns to Pokémon tournament gets two years in jail

Sentencing comes after players showed off weapons in threatening online posts. sci tech news

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This Pokeball Power Bank keeps Pokemon GO players on the move

If you have had your eyes shut for the past several weeks, because Pokemon GO players will look under rocks and in remote locations, Nintendo has changed how society functions. Nerds who grew up loving Pokemon and video games are getting the best of both worlds as the game app has not only given them something to play, but encourages getting out and meeting other Pokemon trainers. The only downside …
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