U.K. Parliament Report Details How NATO’s 2011 War in Libya Was Based on Lies

U.K. Parliament Report Details How NATO’s 2011 War in Libya Was Based on Lies:

A new report by the British Parliament shows that the 2011 NATO war in Libya was based on an array of lies….

The Libya inquiry, which was launched in July 2015, is based on more than a year of research and interviews with politicians, academics, journalists and more. The report, which was released on Sept. 14, reveals the following:

* Qaddafi was not planning to massacre civilians. This myth was exaggerated by rebels and Western governments, which based their intervention on little intelligence.

* The threat of Islamist extremists, which had a large influence in the uprising, was ignored – and the NATO bombing made this threat even worse, giving ISIS a base in North Africa.

* France, which initiated the military intervention, was motivated by economic and political interests, not humanitarian ones.

* The uprising – which was violent, not peaceful – would likely not have been successful were it not for foreign military intervention and aid. Foreign media outlets, particularly Qatar’s Al Jazeera and Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabiya, also spread unsubstantiated rumors about Qaddafi and the Libyan government.

* The NATO bombing plunged Libya into a humanitarian disaster, killing thousands of people and displacing hundreds of thousands more, transforming Libya from the African country with the highest standard of living into a war-torn failed state.

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U.S., Israel Launch Airstrikes on Syrian Government Forces in Direct Support of ISIS, Al-Qaeda

U.S., Israel Launch Airstrikes on Syrian Government Forces in Direct Support of ISIS, Al-Qaeda:

Earlier today the Syrian Arab Army had announced that 1,000 fresh soldiers arrived in Deir Ezzor to liberate it from ISIS.

The U.S. planes came from Erbil in the Kurdish separatist region of Iraq.

The Syrian troops were holding positions on Jabal Tharda, a mountain that overlooks Deir Ezzor’s airport. The mountain is now fully under Islamic State control. With this IS has firecontrol over the airport and the Deir Ezzor garrison as well as more than 150,000 civilians living under government protection are thereby cut off from supplies and any further reinforcements. Government forces have launched a counterattack to regain the vital position….

The U.S. air attack on Deir Ezzor was certainly not a mistake but well planed.

It is a signal to Russia and Syria. I am not sure though what lunacy it is supposed to convey.

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All Women Flotilla Aims to Break Israeli Siege of…

All Women Flotilla Aims to Break Israeli Siege of Gaza

International activists on two boats carrying food and medicine aim to break Israeli siege on Palestinian territory.

Watch: Jewish American explains why she’s participating.

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Syria: CIA-Vetted “Rebels” Chase U.S. Forces Out of Town

Syria: CIA-Vetted “Rebels” Chase U.S. Forces Out of Town:

One can reasonably assume that the planned presence of U.S. forces amid a Turkish invasion has the sole purpose of deterring Russian or Syrian moves against it. With U.S. forces around the Russian command will have to think twice before bombing any Turkish advance beyond the borders of their agreement with the Russians.

The deployment of some 40 U.S. special forces to Al Ra’i did not go well. The Turkish “Free Syrian Army” proxies threatened to kill the U.S. forces (see video). They called them “unbelievers” and “crusader pigs” and the U.S. forces had to retreat under Turkish cover….

The Turkish supported sectarian “moderate” FSA groups are the very same groups the CIA has “vetted” and provided with TOW missiles and other weapons.

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Drug War Roundup: Family Terrified By Wrong-House Raid; Court Says Cops Don’t Have to Verify Address

Drug War Roundup: Family Terrified By Wrong-House Raid; Court Says Cops Don’t Have to Verify Address:

The drug war marches on.

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Why Are the “Adults in the Room” So Awful?

Why Are the “Adults in the Room” So Awful?:

This is what your “adults in the room” have done. They have constructed a system of power, first domestically and then globally, the main purpose of which is to extract surplus labor from us to feed the rentiers they represent. In enforcing this system of power, they have inflected megadeaths on the world, and have no compunctions against inflicting more. The “adults in the room” are monsters. It’s time to take away their plaything – the American state – which they have used to wreak this destruction and mayhem on the world, and to make sure nobody else ever wields it again.

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ISIS Receiving Weapons From Europe In ‘Rapid’ New Supply Chain Says Arms Expert

ISIS Receiving Weapons From Europe In ‘Rapid’ New Supply Chain Says Arms Expert:

Islamic State fighters are illegally using guns and other weapons made in Eastern European factories, in a newly-discovered supply chain that is “almost direct”, a weapons expert has claimed.

James Bevan, the director of Conflict Armament Research (CAR)… said CAR is currently challenging the governments of Bulgaria and Serbia, among others, over the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Despite signing an ‘End User’ agreement saying it will use the weapons itself and not sell these them to any other countries, Saudi Arabia appears to send them “straight to Turkey”, from where they get into Islamic State’s hands “very, very rapidly”…

Bevan said his evidence… showed that anyone supplying weapons one of the many rebel Syrian opposition groups has “absolutely no control” over where they end up. Syrian factions that supposedly oppose IS often merge with them or work with them, leading to weapons quickly getting into IS possession, he explained.

Some foreign powers trying to help groups fighting IS are actually backing “pretty hard line Islamist forces,” he claimed, adding that: “it’s very difficult to distinguish between them and Islamic State….”

CAR’s teams have tracked nearly half a million weapons and pieces of ammunition in two years, using serial numbers and markings that link each item to a specific factory.

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Two Boys in Aleppo

Two Boys in Aleppo:

In his Beast piece, Barnicle opines that Hillary “hasn’t been asked” about Aleppo – but that’s because there’s no need to ask. Her position is well-known. It was Hillary, while she was Secretary of State, who lobbied fiercely on behalf of Aleppo’s defenders – the “moderate” Islamic anti-government rebels – along with Gen. David Petraeus. Indeed, Petraeus pushed for allying with the local al-Qaeda affiliate, so eager was he to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Oh, but these are the “moderate” faction of al-Qaeda, he assured us…

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Assad’s Death Warrant

Assad’s Death Warrant:

The war in Syria did not begin when the government of Bashar al Assad cracked down on protestors in the spring of 2011. That version of events is obfuscating hogwash. The war began in 2009, when Assad rejected a Qatari plan to transport gas from Qatar to the EU via Syria.

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Cast-Out Cops Are Often Hired in Other Cities

Cast-Out Cops Are Often Hired in Other Cities:

As a police officer in a small Oregon town in 2004, Sean Sullivan was caught kissing a 10-year-old girl on the mouth.

Mr. Sullivan’s sentence barred him from taking another job as a police officer.

But three months later, in August 2005, Mr. Sullivan was hired, after a cursory check, not just as a police officer on another force but as the police chief. As the head of the department in Cedar Vale, Kan., according to court records and law enforcement officials, he was again investigated for a suspected sexual relationship with a girl and eventually convicted on charges…

Mr. Sullivan, 44, is now in prison in Washington State on other charges… It is unclear how far-reaching such problems may be, but some experts say thousands of law enforcement officers may have drifted from police department to police department even after having been fired, forced to resign or convicted of a crime.

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