Scientists created a cyborg stingray powered by the heart of a rat

Scientists created a cyborg stingray powered by the heart of a rat:

Researchers have developed a new kind of synthetic creature, using the heart cells of a rat to make a robotic stingray that follows light.

While the rat-ray hybrid certainly sounds like a bit of a Frankenstein mish-mash, it’s serious research that could help pave the way for a greater understanding of how hearts pump blood around the body – in addition to leading to new kinds of more sophisticated synthetic robots.

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New Boston Dynamics robot is adorable or terrifying or both


Poor SpotMini. In its first appearance on Boston Dynamics’ wildly entertaining YouTube channel, it’s subjected to a total wipe-out courtesy of a pile of banana peels. 

But nothing seems to phase the Google-owned robotics lab’s teeny new addition. SpotMini is a smaller version of Spot, the company’s famous robot dog.

According to the video’s description, the all-electric robot weighs 65 pounds with its arm attached. And if you’re freaked out by the headless version seen in the clip’s opening, wait until you see its enormous googly eyes.

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