Phone Scammers Targeting Caernarvon Township Business Owners

Police are sounding the alarm about a utility company phone scam that appears to be targeting southern Berks County business owners.

“They’re very good,” Caernavon Township Police Chief John Scalia said.

“They have managers on the phone, they have people that have your account numbers, they know the last payment you made.”

Over the last month, police say three businesses – Billy Burgers and Bakery, Nuse’s Deli, and Joanna General Store – reported being the targets of a phone scam operation. Billy McConnell, owner of Billy Burgers and Bakery, said scammers have called his business four times.

“Usually you get a call right around lunch time,” he said. “They like to call during a time when you are busy.”

Police said the scammers claim to be with PPL Electric and tell the businesses that they need to pay their bills or their electricity will be turned off.


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