FBI director says tape is the best way to defeat webcam hacks

The practice, however, doesn’t prevent a computer microphone from being owned. sci tech news

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Two critical bugs and more malicious apps make for a bad week for Android

Google releases fixes for newer devices and ejects apps following reports. sci tech news

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Apple Releases Patch for iPhone, iPad After Israeli Spyware is Discovered

Apple Releases Patch for iPhone, iPad After Israeli Spyware is Discovered:

Apple issued a security update for those devices Thursday after researchers discovered spyware that turns hand-held Apple devices into the mother of all snoops, allowing remote operators to intercept all voice and data communications and pass along every photograph and video.

Researchers said spyware had never been found before this month that could “jailbreak” an iPhone or iPad and seize total control of its functions.

Efforts to use the spyware have surfaced in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates, where critics of the government appear to have been targeted for surveillance….

The Israeli company thought to have produced the spyware said in a statement that it insisted that governments that bought its products use them only in lawful ways….

Apple Inc. was notified by Citizen Lab and Lookout on Aug. 15 of the vulnerability in the iPhones and iPads, and it said the security update provided Thursday blocked the use of Trident spyware.

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With Windows 10, Microsoft Blatantly Disregards User Choice and Privacy

With Windows 10, Microsoft Blatantly Disregards User Choice and Privacy:

Microsoft had an ambitious goal with the launch of Windows 10: a billion devices running the software by the end of 2018. In its quest to reach that goal, the company aggressively pushed Windows 10 on its users and went so far as to offer free upgrades for a whole year. However, the company’s strategy for user adoption has trampled on essential aspects of modern computing: user choice and privacy.

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Mysterious Group Says They Hacked NSA

Mysterious Group Says They Hacked NSA:

A mysterious hacker or hackers going by the name “The Shadow Brokers” claims to have hacked a group linked to the NSA and dumped a bunch of its hacking tools. In a bizarre twist, the hackers are also asking for 1 million bitcoin (around $568 million) in an auction to release more files.

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Scientists just found an advanced form of malware that’s been hiding for at least 5 years

Scientists just found an advanced form of malware that’s been hiding for at least 5 years:

Security researchers have announced the discovery of an advanced malware platform that has operated undetected for at least five years.

According to experts, “ProjectSauron” is so advanced and well designed that it’s likely the work of a state-sponsored hacking group – ie. backed by a government intelligence organisation.

The malware has been active since at least 2011, targeting high-profile networks in Russia, China, Sweden, and other countries.

Researchers at computer security firms Symantec and Kaspersky Lab detected the malware in a joint effort, and say it’s been discovered in more than 30 infected sites so far – including an airline in China, an embassy in Belgium, and an unidentified organisation in Sweden.

Unlike the kind of consumer-targeting malware that affects regular PCs, ProjectSauron – which also goes by the name Remsec – has a more specific focus, although it does run on common Microsoft Windows platforms.

The malware is designed to infiltrate computer networks run by organisations such as governments, military sites, scientific research centres, and corporate IT systems.

It aims to spy on infected networks, opening a back door to compromised systems, logging keystrokes, and stealing personal information, like user credentials and passwords.

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Copperhead OS: The startup that wants to solve Android’s woeful security

A multi-billion-dollar megacorp, Google, apparently needs help to secure its OS. sci tech news

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Frequent password changes are the enemy of security, FTC technologist says

Contrary to what you’ve been told, frequent changes can be counterproductive. sci tech news

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Can Facts Slow The DNC Breach Runaway Train?

Can Facts Slow The DNC Breach Runaway Train?:

It’s hard to beat a good narrative “when explanations take such a dreadful time” as Lewis Carroll pointed out. And the odds are that nothing that I write will change the momentum that’s rapidly building against the Russian government.

Still, my goal for this article is to address some of the factual errors in Thomas Rid’s Vice piece…

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