Going Back to School with ‘Saturday Night Live’

‘Tis the season for the perfect cheer. Yes, it’s time for algebra, book reports, and awkward gym class moments once again, but back to school doesn’t have to be all bad. If you’re feeling low about being at the start of another school season, maybe you can take heart knowing that school days have provided […] Gibbs Rules

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Will Forte as a write-in candidate gave his ridiculous platform on ‘The Tonight Show’



If you’re dissatisfied with the upcoming presidential election’s major party candidates, let Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show introduce you to one of the write-in options.

Tim Calhoun, played by Will Forte, delivers gems such as, “I am pro-Isis, whether large cubes or small flakes, ices keep my drinks cold, and that’s good for America.”

We’re especially proud of the SNL-alums for not breaking at all during the hilarious speech.

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