When does the Sun look like a flower? In a specific color of red…

When does the Sun look like a flower? In a specific color of red light emitted by hydrogen, as featured here, some regions of the solar chromosphere may resemble a rose. The color-inverted image was taken in 2014 October and shows active solar region 2177. The petals dominating the frame are actually magnetically confined tubes of hot plasma called fibrils, some of which extend longer the diameter of the Earth. In the central region many of these fibrils are seen end-on, while the surrounding regions are typically populated with curved fibrils. When seen over the Sun’s edge, these huge plasma tubes are called spicules, and when they occur in passive regions they are termed mottles. Sunspot region 2177 survived for several more days before the complex and tumultuous magnetic field poking through the Sun’s surface evolved yet again.

Object Names: Sun, Sunspot Region 2177

Image Type: Astronomical

Credit: Big Bear Solar Observatory, NJIT, Alan Friedman

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Musk’s Master Plan has solar for everyone, but investors aren’t buying the dream — yet

Musk Tesla SolarCity The Tesla “Master Plan Part Deux” published tonight by founder Elon Musk proposes quite a lot of major projects, but perhaps the most far-reaching of them all is the plan to put solar on every roof and a battery in every garage. And to do that, he not-so-subtly hints, Tesla and SolarCity will need to be more than friends. Read More Syndicated from TechCrunch

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Elon Musk reveals Tesla’s master plan

(GERMANY OUT) Menschen , Leute , People , Elon Musk Gruender Firma Fahrzeughersteller Tesla Motors Auto Elektroauto ECar (Photo by Lambert/ullstein bild via Getty Images) Elon Musk plans to steer Tesla towards fully autonomous driving, car sharing, and cargo transport, according to the long awaited blog post on the company’s website. A fully solar power ecosystem driven in-part by SolarCity will help Musk and Co. get there. Musk has been teasing the master plan part II for days. What would be in it? Would Tesla cars fly? Would they go to space? What… Read More Syndicated from TechCrunch

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Sonnen’s new battery for solar self-consumption could succeed in US

Tesla Powerwall competitor launches a battery to ease recent net metering woes. sci tech news

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A Solar-Powered Plane Has Completed the First Ever Trans-Atlantic Flight

A Solar-Powered Plane Has Completed the First Ever Trans-Atlantic Flight:

Remember that solar-powered, electric plane that’s flying around the world? It’s just made history by successfully completing the first ever sun-powered, zero-emissions trans-Atlantic flight.

Setting off from New York at 2:30 AM on June 20, 2016, pilot Bertrand Piccard spent a total of 71 hours and 8 minutes in the air, flying at 28,000 feet and covering a distance of 4,203 miles before landing in Seville, Spain, at 7:38 AM local time.

“Crossing the Atlantic ocean is challenging. The plane is sensitive to turbulence, so we have to plan the route carefully and identify the perfect weather window,” Alexandra Gindroz, head of Solar Impulse’s media relations, told me over the phone.

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Nanomaterials could double efficiency of solar cells by converting waste heat into usable energy

MIT-Solar-Thermal-1_0 An experimental solar cell created by MIT researchers could massively increase the amount of power generated by a given area of panels, while simultaneously reducing the amount of waste heat. Even better, it sounds super cool when scientists talk about it: “with our own unoptimized geometry, we in fact could break the Shockley-Queisser limit.” Read More Syndicated from TechCrunch

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Monoprice sets its sights on outdoor gear brick and mortar stores

152842[1] If you don’t buy your cables (yes, some of us still use cables) from Monoprice, you disappoint me. But while the online retailer got its start with cables and components (and component cables), it’s been expanding for years into dozens of electronics categories — and the latest is gear for your trips to the great outdoors. Read More Syndicated from TechCrunch

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