Game Smash LLC Releases SmashChart

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Kellyanne Conway says Donald Trump ‘deserves credit’ for being brave enough to court minority voters

Trump campaign spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway thinks Donald Trump “deserves credit” for going where most Republicans haven’t: into “communities of color.” “Republican presidential nominees usually are not bold enough to go into communities of color and take the case right to them and to compete for all ears and compete for all votes. They’ve been afraid to do that,” Conway said Friday on Good Morning America.

Conway’s defense of Trump’s effort comes amid criticism that he’s painting an unnecessarily bleak picture of African-American communities, with comments about high rates of poverty and unemployment and schools that are “no good.” “This entire conversation had to be had,” Conway said, noting that Hillary Clinton — who far and away leads among black voters — has suggested policies that would leave “many people behind.”

“We hope they’re listening,” Conway said of minority voters. Watch the interview, below.

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Is Trump Deliberately Throwing the Election to Clinton?

Is Trump Deliberately Throwing the Election to Clinton?:

A year after my tongue-in-cheek column asking whether Trump is running as a plant to elect Hillary Clinton, I will now raise the possibility, much more seriously, that one way to explain Trump’s repeatedly self-destructive behavior could be that deep down Trump does not want to win the election…

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Why China will hold its fire in the South China Sea — until September

Over at the Washington Post, acclaimed columnist David Ignatius takes on the always tumultuous tides roiling the South China Sea. Ignatius points out the scope of Beijing’s defeat in the recent international court case brought by Manila, noting that while… Read More ›
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Home Depot employee thinks America Was Never Great

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — An image of a Staten Island Home Depot worker wearing a hat that reads AMERICA WAS

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