Uber turns on electric vehicles in the UK, starting with 50 cars in London

UBER Electric Vehicles - 1 The race for who will take the lead in the next generation of automotive technology is on, and today Uber is kicking off a program that it hopes will help put it in pole position. Today, the transportation-on-demand behemoth is launching a new electric car service in the UK, in partnership with Nissan and China’s BYD, where it will offer leasing (not purchasing) options for… Read More technology news

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Google to undercut Uber in San Francisco with new ride-sharing service

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google has been testing the feature since May. sci tech news

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Jobless in the self-driving economy

Uber Self Driving Cars Uber’s self-driving cars will hit the road this month, earlier than anticipated. That’s an exciting surprise…unless of course you’re a driver. They won’t be the only ones affected, though. The consequences of robot-induced unemployment could eventually ripple through the rest of the economy. What will happen to Uber’s 1 million drivers? And the 3.5… Read More technology news

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The 7 steps of Elon Musk’s “Master Plan”

Tesla Master Plan Why did Tesla buy SolarCity? To make your solar panel roof battery power your self-driving electric pickup truck. Elon Musk just revealed the second phase of his “Master Plan” and we broke it down so you can see the future too. Read More Syndicated from TechCrunch

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Uber removes the surprises from ride pricing



When booking a ride with Uber, you know approximately how much you’ll pay in the end, but not the exact amount. That’s going to change soon: On Thursday, Uber announced it’s expanding its upfront fares globally, meaning you’ll know the exact price before you request your ride. 

Uber initially launched upfront fares with uberPool in 2014, and the company has since been slowly expanding the feature to uberX in some cities in the U.S. as well as India. 

“Upfront fares are calculated using the expected time and distance of the trip and local traffic, as well as how many riders and nearby drivers are using Uber at that moment,” Uber product managers Arundhati Singh and Dennis Zhao wrote in a press release Read more…

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Wype will come clean your car where it sits

Jeep Grand Cherokee Recently, I wrote about Wyper, the Tinder of car shopping. That prompted Andy Kim, co-founder of Wype, to contact me. His business is one letter off from Wyper, after all, so in the interest of disambiguation, here’s the scoop on the car-detailing company that is more like Uber than Tinder in the app comparison game. Wype is based in Southern California, where cars are shiny and water… Read More Syndicated from TechCrunch

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