The Benefits Of The Beekeeping Hat


In the practice of beekeeping, there are several items, accessories and tips that every beekeeper needs to have with them. Some of the tips include how to handle the bees, how to look after the bee hive and how to protect themselves from bee stings. When it comes to protection from the bee stings, there is only one way around it – wearing a beekeeping suit. This suit protects the body of the beekeeper from attacks by the bees. The suit itself is made up of two major parts. First, there is the beekeeper hat which protects the head and face and then there is the lower section of the beekeeper suit. The beekeeper hat is extremely important because of 3 main reasons;

1. It protects the head from being attacked

The beekeeper hat which is worn by the beekeepers as they tend to the bees is the soul reason why beekeeping is actually a manageable practice. The truth is that when the bees decide to go all out in terms of attacking a beekeeper or intruder for that matter, the effects can be disastrous. Therefore it is important to have protection for one’s head. The beekeeper is some kind of ‘head guard’ which is worn over the head and offers the head protection from bee attacks and stings.

2. The Beekeeper hat has a veil for facial protection

On the beekeeping hat, there is usually a veil attached at the front of it. This veil offers vision to the beekeeper while they tend to the bees. Wearing a beekeeping hat can be a very dangerous thing because once the bees begin to attack anyone in the vicinity of their bee hive; it can lead to great damage on the part of the beekeeper. Therefore the veil is like a net that traps the bees out and denies them access to one’s face. It is because of this that there should be emphasis on wearing the beekeeper hat because it protects the face and also enables the beekeeper to remain in control of what they are doing as they will still be able to see what is happening.

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3. The beekeeper hat could either be semi-attached or detached

The idea of protecting one’s head and face from bee stings is what brings about the importance of the beekeeper hat. However, one might be wondering how exactly this hat looks like or how it is worn. Well, there are two kinds of beekeeper hats. There are those that are originally attached onto the entire beekeeper suit and are one single unit, and then there are those that are worn separately from the suit. Either way, the beekeeper suit is an important aspect of beekeeping.

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