The Best Crowdfunding platforms


CRowdRising1The golden key to an effective fundraising is the online platform you will use to start your fundraising campaign. While some may consider this an over simplified explanation of a complex non-profit business model, my experience has shown me that this is one of the most overlooked, yet lucrative, element of your fundraising efforts.

The backbone of any fundraising campaign is the appeal to donors for contributions. The problem many people run into during this phase of their fundraising efforts is that they have neglected to keep their donors engaged with their campaign. The donor no longer feels engaged by, or attached to, your fundraising campaign in any meaning way. What distinguishes you from other fundraising campaigns? The answer is: The platform you are using to create your online fundraising campaign.

We advise all of our clients to choose the right platform for their fundraising campaign. Choose a platform that will help you develop a strong relationship with your donors and supporters. In the non-profit sector, these relationships play a significant role in the success of any given campaign. Keep in mind that this platform you will use for your fundraising campaign will help you connect and collect more from your donors and supporters without the help of support staff.

Which could lead to a very successful fundraising campaign.

That’s why Crowdrising is the best platform to use. Crowdrising is a peer to peer direct funding global platform that has the potential to help you raise thousands of dollars in a short period of time. Everyone can participate. After you join and start you fundraising campaign, you can set in motion an Avalanche of Donations. You get paid directly in real time. No waiting for your money. You can receive donations via many different methods available in your back office.

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We are joining hands to help each other through Crowdrising.                                                                   Start receiving your donations today.

Happy Crowdrising and fundraising!


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