The Inspiring Underwater Adventures of an Incredible Young…


The Inspiring Underwater Adventures of an Incredible Young Man

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“Autism has provided Simon with the ability to perceive the world at a different level,” says Juan Chavez (@autistic_soul_diver) of his son, the focus of his incredible underwater photography. Simon was diagnosed with nonverbal autism at age 3, and at 12 he began swimming lessons. He took to the water immediately, floating on top for hours and diving deeper and deeper. Juan became a certified diver so he could accompany his son and take the soulful photos that fill his account. After moving from Venezuela to Scotland, the family now lives in Oman, where Simon swims in the ocean, realizing new physical and emotional strengths as he plunges to depths of 50 feet (15 meters) or more. “Reaching deep is not the objective,” Juan says. “It’s enjoying practicing a sport he loves, giving him confidence that impacts other areas of his life.”

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