The Top 20 Radio Stations to Listen to in Wisconsin in 2016


Going on a road trip in or thru Wisconsin? We all know that music is a great form of entertainment while driving and sometimes we don’t know what the best stations are to turn on to. We usually hit the ‘Seek’ button, and sometimes that works great, but sometimes we end up hearing a commercial, news, or commentary that isn’t exactly representative of the station’s music. We get anxious, and we have already changed the channel before we even knew what was in store for us.

Luckily, Found in Wisconsin, an online magazine about Wisconsin, came up with a list of the best radio stations to listen to in Wisconsin! The list includes everything from rock to talk radio.

How did they come up with the list? The list was compiled from online data (website traffic, social media followers, etc.) as well as input from our own readers, says Found in Wisconsin founder Lane Bashaw. We love to interact with our readers and their input means everything to us! We do lots of polls on our website as well as being very active in social media and local events.


You can find the full list of the Top 20 Radio Stations in Wisconsin right here at:

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