This man is an ALL IN ONE!!


In our childhood we all dream to be something. Few desire to be an astronaut, pilot, or sometimes pretty much anything we like. But what if you want to be more than one thing? What if you want to be everything?

Well the realistic answer is You can not be!!

photosfBut few are stubborn enough to listen nothing until they reached their goal. One Person named Prateek bhardwaj is one of those few that push the envelope.
After studying Biology and Math, Prateek has finished electronics engineering with sound knowledge of Aeronautical, chemical, and civil engineering.
He is also a student pilot in flying club, flying wasn’t just enough for Prateek, he is also part of EAA (Experiemntal Aircraft Association) and aeronautical society of India and has designed and developed two experimental aircraft. His aviation portfolio was selected by MIT USA.

He has worked on several electronic equipment designs which include a cellphone, operated a factory for supplying aircraft parts, developed racing go-karts, and made flying model aircraft.

Avid learner Prateek worked on many software projects.
Seems like that was not enough, so he worked as volunteer for UN, FIFA, and the Olympics in different countries.
Recently started by Prateek,

Leaderspro, and its Brand JET Exam was first of indias profitable startups. “Which attracted 33,000 applications in just 3 days.”

Still curious to learn, Prateek is studying finance to start his own finance firm.

Prateek proud parents Dr P C Sharma and Dr Anju Sharma both are doctors in government departments and his younger brother Praveen Bhardwaj is studying B Arch in Iowa State University USA.

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