Titanic Prophecy


Was the Titanic sinking foretold?

We think we all know the story: the world’s largest ocean liner, the most luxurious ever built, sails across the Atlantic carrying rich and famous passengers. The month is April and there are icebergs about. Nevertheless, the captain steams on at full speed. And then, at the dead of night, disaster strikes: the ship hits an iceberg, and the rest is history. The ship sinks with huge loss of life.

The ship’s name was SS Titan

No, that’s not a misprint: the story is a work of fiction written in 1898 by an American ex-steamboat captain, Morgan Robertson. The book was called “Futility”, but, cannily, he subititled the book “The Wreck of the Titan” after the real Titanic disaster in 1912.

There are so many strange and disturbing similarities between Robertson’s story and the real history of the RMS Titanic, that some believe he had a window into the future.

Titanic Foretold Tells All

You can judge for yourself because “Futility” has recently been republished   with a commentary comparing fiction with fact. The book is “Titanic Foretold”, by Steven Roberts and comprises the full text of Robertson’s “Futility – The Wreck of the Titan” interspersed with fascinating comments and data with a summary table at the end.

“Titanic Foretold” is available to download from Amazon Kindle:

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