Too much of Facebook is bound to make you miserable


According to the recent study it has been seen that the more and more use of the social networking services can build a lot of feeling generating envy and other such negative emotions. It has been seen by the University of Copenhagen that the more quantity of doing Facebook makes a person more negative. It has also been seen that Facebook can easily hinder the well-being as well as the self-satisfaction of life.

It also leads to a lot of illogical as well as unrealistic comparisons with people:

The researchers have warned of the fact that the negative manner of mood swings is a common problem of using the social networking sites and it also gives rise to the various comparing moods which are absolutely unrealistic and should not be encouraged. Many people have the intension of flaunting off their belongings in the internet and that in turn brings up a cause of envy to the others.

It is ok to go for conversations over the internet as it can be engaging as well as interesting but surfing it for a long time can have a negative thought as well. If you need to know more, you can go for the in depth reading of the Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking journals as well. There are a lot of passive users who have the habit to go for long hours of facebook browsing and that is the reason why they have a more gloomy side to themselves than they normally have.

Also some of the child psychologists have also stated the fact that there are some children who do that and their behaviour has changed a lot and they have turned into annoying kids. The most important thing to do in this case is to make sure of the fact that the individual is not touching the facebook altogether for at least a week so that the mental condition becomes stable and there can be a behavioural change in the positive direction as well. One should make amends to use the Facebook in the careful manner.

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