Track Santa this Christmas with the new Santa tracker


Christmas is just round the corner and when every part of the world is getting prepped up for the same, why to let the technology dimension be lagging behind? Well, this question might be the reason why there has been the launch of a new Santa Tracking device by Google and it is bound to answer all your questions by tracking down Santa no matter where you want it to be. This is because of the fact that this is an artificial intelligence that has been powered by Google and is a one stop answer to all your queries.

The main motto of this is to entertain the people and bring the feel if Christmas in the dimension of technology and with the help of Google assistant this has been possible. It has brought forward a very interesting prospect and many are taking a leap to have an experience of the same. This is also filled with a number of Santa jokes so that it is interesting to the kids as well. It can listen to the voice commands and will act promptly. For example if you want to hear a Santa joke then all you have to do is to say out loud, “tell me a Santa joke” and the joke will start playing on its own. You can have the privilege of it in the mobile site as well as in the desktop website.

The jokes that are being told have been designed in a way that it comes from the voice over of Santa so that the thing seems even more realistic than just a virtual programming. The Google Assistant has also taken amends to spin the Dreidel whenever needed. All of the new commands are bound to work on all the different modes of the Google assistant.

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If you did not know about this tech till now, it is high time to check out the expertise of the same so that your Christmas is spent in an enlivened way and the new tech is present there to celebrate with you.

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