Trevor Noah’s Daily Show looks into Donald Trump’s ‘rigged’ election claims, decides ‘they’re true’


Trevor Noah began The Daily Show on Monday night with Donald Trump’s economic speech in Detroit, laughing at Trump’s unfortunate verbal slip and, more wryly, “that now everyone is talking about the fact that Donald Trump said ‘titties’ instead of focusing on how his economic policy’s going to bankrupt America with tax cuts for the rich and tons of new debt.” Trump has said and done so many crazy things in the past week that it’s hard to keep up (and unfair to comedians), Noah said, “but even with all the babies and the titles, there’s one thing Donald Trump said last week that we should not be glossing over,” his warning that the 2016 election will be “rigged.”

“Donald Trump says the U.S. elections are going to be rigged, and you know what?” Noah asked. “I know like most things Donald says, it sounds crazy, but still, the man is a presidential candidate — the same way this is a news show — so, as a news show, we had to investigate the claims, and it turns out, they’re true. Donald Trump is right. We’ve uncovered evidence of election-rigging throughout the system.” And you know what? Noah makes a pretty persuasive case. “I know that this level of systemic election-rigging must come as a shock to Americans,” he said, twisting the knife. “Because, had Americans known, surely the world’s greatest democracy would have done something about it by now.” And Trump? Well, watch below.

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