Trump and E2 Visas: What a Trump Administration Might Mean for Foreign Investors


Trump E2 VisasLast week’s U.S. presidential election was what amounts to a political earthquake. Almost none of the so-called “experts” predicted a Trump victory, so few of them looked at his policies in-depth to try to discern the way he might govern. One of the centerpieces of his campaign was a wall along the southern border and a crackdown on illegal immigration. It is not quite as clear, however, what a Trump administration will mean for legal immigration.

“Candidate Trump had a lot to say about illegal immigration,” says Paul Lindquist, franchise consultant at Franchise City. “And although it may become far more difficult to enter the U.S. illegally, immigrating legally might actually become easier. In particular, when it comes to Trump and E2 visas, I believe the approval levels will remain the same or increase slightly.”

The Principle that Drives the Policy

To understand Trump’s immigration policy, you need to understand his core principal of “America First.” In other words, what’s good for America, we are likely to see more of. What’s not good for America, we are likely to see less of.

“As a candidate, Trump has said he wants to reform the immigration system, eliminating some of the red tape and making it smoother for those who want to come in and make positive contributions to American society,” Lindquist continues. “This means we are likely to see increases in visas for skilled workers we are in need of; such as nurses and those in the technical field. And since one of the requirements for E2 investor visas is that the business you invest in must create American jobs, we are likely to see more of these as well.”

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The Trump Economy

One question many foreign investors have is “what will the economy look like under President Trump?” Early indications are positive; the U.S. stock market is hitting record highs, and the U.S. dollar has become stronger against most foreign currencies since the election. Trump’s tax plan is pro-business and pro-growth, and one of the major features is a reduction in corporate income tax from 35% to 15%.

“President-Elect Trump will have a pro-business administration, with a goal of 4% (or higher) annual economic growth, and the creation of 25 million new jobs. If these goals are accomplished, economic conditions will be very strong for E2 visa investors. The key, of course, is to invest in an established business that has credibility with U.S. immigration officials. And this is why I believe E2 visa franchises are a perfect fit for foreigners looking to capitalize on the economic opportunities a Trump administration could bring.”

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