Two Types to Livestock You Can Raise For Meat That Don’t Require a Lot of Investing


A lot of people around the world are raising livestock for meat. This is because meat will always be in demand this meaning that there’s money to be made. People think that raising livestock requires a lot of investing, that can be true but there are some livestock that don’t require you to invest in lot.

The two types of livestock that don’t require that much is investing are goats and rabbits. These two types of livestock also don’t require that much assistance because they are versatile creatures.


Raising meat goats is a straight forward inexpensive venture. It can take some of your time but it’s very much worth it because the profits are indeed noteworthy.

When starting out in sheep farming you have to choose the right goat breed. Some goat breeds produce less meat then others. Goat breeds that produce that produce a lot of meat are the South African Boer goats and Spanish goats. These two breeds have large bodies and don’t produce a lot of fat. They also grow very quickly meaning you can harvest their meat fast.

But in order for these animals to strive you have to take extra care of them. You should build them a goat pen so they can sleep. Goat pens can be simple and don’t cost that much. Also make sure you feed them well and give them enough water.


Raising meat rabbits is a great way to eat healthy and make some extra income. But in order to raise rabbits for meat you have to make sure you proper care for them. They don’t need that much of attention, just check on them once a day to feed them and give them clean water.

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Rabbit meat is very healthy it has fewer calories then chicken and has zero transfat. People on a diet prefer rabbit meat because it contains low fat content and is high in proteins.

Rabbit meat is a very high priced meat making it a good business to get into. And since they are easy to raise and cost less you can make a lot of money producing rabbit meat.

There’s a lot more involved in raising healthy livestock. If you are serious about livestock farming and want to raise various types of livestock such as goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits and horses then get yourself a copy of the one and only guide to livestock farming here:

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