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Valle Security International At “Valle Security International” we go beyond your personal protection and our personal security service. We will make sure that you feel secure all the time and your overall well-being is safeguarded. Valle Security International is owned by Hector Garcia, who has acquired invaluable security and law enforcement experience, vip security, high profile athletes, celebrity bodyguard, executive protection services and many types of security operations. Hector Garcia has also been in charge of security operations for multiple stadiums around the country. Alongside him are his team of accomplished FBI veterans who belonged to elite teams responsible for the most challenging operations of the FBI. Each one of them is well versed and skillful in every aspect of executive security services, private security services and personal security services.

Many new private security companies and personal security companies in the country claim they are the best there is, but the truth is they are way over their heads. Knowledge, expertise, experience and quality of work should not be compromised because of low rates offered by amateur private security firms. Your families’ safety should not have a price. Aside from personal protective services, executive protection, body guard, and armed private security, we are also offer K9 units for drug and bomb sniffing, subpoena delivery and can even help resolve volatile divorce issues.

Those who are seeking a personal bodyguard or temporary bodyguards for hire should contact Valle Security International. You can be certain that our bodyguard protection is of the highest quality no matter what. Our private bodyguard(s) and private security officer(s) are well-trained and knowledgeable in all security details and procedures. You can expect professional demeanor with our bodyguards. We will be discreet and implement confidentiality towards our clients’ information.  At Valle Security International, we know complicated employee issues can be a costly liability for any business, so we are offer corporate investigations and surveillance. Our private protective services are very broad and also include disaster relief, electronic debugging, home security, night club security, even violent exes and dangerous stalkers. The firms’ executive protection services include highly-skilled private security guard or personal security guard to provide for you safety and security needs. Our executive security procedures are well thought of and planned specifically to the executive’s need and demands. With high demand for executive protection companies, we make sure we are always on top of our game and ten steps ahead of our competitors and bad guys with the use of the latest and the best technological advancements when it comes to protection services.

If you find yourself saying “I need a bodyguard” and find yourself anxious about your safety do yourself a favor and contact Valle Security. We are offering free consultations and personal protective assessments. Our security advisors are ready to provide you with the most relevant and important information you need to know about getting your first professional bodyguard.  I you are in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seattle or Washington, we are here for you! We have been providing exceptional security bodyguard, executive bodyguards and personal security bodyguards to clients in these cities for more than 35 years. Contact Valle Security International now!

Valle Security International
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