Video: PA Officer Shot 7 Times in June Returns to Duty


VIDEO: PA Officer Shot 7 Times in June Returns to Duty

Folcroft (PA) Police Officer Chris Dorman, who was shot seven times earlier this year, will return to duty this week.

The Folcroft Police Department made the announcement Tuesday, Tweeting: “We are proud 2 report Officer Dorman has been cleared to return to full Police Duty. He’s first shift will be Friday night. He thanks every1”

Back in June, Officer Dorman was dispatched to an apartment complex on a call about someone smoking marijuana. The suspect attacked him and opened fire. Dorman was hit in the face.

His wound gushing with blood, Dorman still managed to get on his radio and call for help, ABC6 reports.

The 25-year-old was able to get away down a breezeway thanks to his brother in blue Patrolman Dave DePietro who arrived in seconds and exchanged gunfire with Island. “At that time he began firing at him and gave me a chance to retreat and get in Sgt. [William] Bair’s car and get to the hospital,” DePietro said.

The suspect was captured.


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