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Viral Source Reviews and Bonus by Tom Yevsikov – Viral Traffic Platform Builds Monster Lists & Explodes Conversions On Complete AUTOPILOT!

Viral Source REVIEW

ViralSource Is The ONLY Software That Drives Targeted Viral Traffic To Your Offers 24/7 On COMPLETE Autopilot, Boost Your Paid Campaigns! The software verifies they did indeed share the page to social media networks or tagged their friends, then the locker is removed to display the coupon.

One example of this is a content locker that says “click the button below to get 20% off”. When a visitor click the button, they will be prompted to share the page to different social media networks or tag X no. of Facebook friends. ViralSource is a software that allows the user to create shortcodes which they can paste on their web site, which displays a content locker that requires visitors to complete an action, or multiple actions, to unlock what’s under the content locker. – Viral Source Review

Viral Source Review

Viral Source Benefit

  • Share Across Social Media Platforms Create a campaign where they can select total no. of networks required to share on to unlock the content,also select which networks they can share too. e.g. the user can set a content locker to unlock when the viewer shares on at least 3 social media channels, of which their options are Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Tumblr.
  • Tag Facebook Friends With this feature, the user will be able to require the viewer to create a post to FB sharing the page they are on, and tag a certain number of friends. Once verified that the did so, the locker moves away.
  • Facebook Signup This gives the user the option of having the viewer “sign up” to the FB push notification service of the user, so they can send push notifications to them on FB. User also gains the viewer’s facebook email for building their list.
  • Tag FB Friends + FB Signup Combine the above two features. It lets them tag their Facebook friends as well as build an email list + FB notification list at the same time.
  • Share On Social Network + FB Signup Combine the above two features. It lets them share your link on social media as well as build an email list + FB notification list at the same time.

Viral Source Features

  • Unique Feature #1: FULL TRACKING Each viral content locker is set up as a campaign from within the software’s members area so you can see total leads, visitors and unique visitors from that particular content locker. Built in tracking is convenient and powerful.
  • Unique Feature #2: Push FB Notification Automatically push unlimited FB notifications to your audience. Inside the main campaigns customers have the ability to sign up through Facebook. Get more leads, higher engagement, higher trust and more sales.
  • Unique Feature #3 – Export Leads & Autoresponder Integerations Automatically import leads to your auto responders when people select the FB signup option. Or export leads manually, both functionalities are given for convenience of the user.


  • OTO1 ($47) – Profit Maximiser Combo Features – “Tagging + FB Sign Up” and “Social Sharing + FB Sign Up” Feature. This allows you to make Viral Source even more powerful by combining the power of viral traffic with Facebook list building. Content Locker Pro Pack: Comes with 300+ importable graphical content locker for holidays, etc.
  • OTO2 ($67) – Profit Accelerator 10 DFY Campaigns­ 10 campaigns they can use with this software for ecommerce Case Studies­ real results obtained using the software and can be used for replicating or seeing the viralsource system applied and getting results first hand
  • OTO3 ($97 – $197) – Agency Rights Charge to create campaigns for people and will be able to add unlimited clients to our DB and will be able to add UNLIMITED Pro users under his agency(they get full access to use the software under their “agency” Basic package: 25 client licenses $97 Advanced: 50 client + 5 pro $167 Best package: Unlimited client + 50 pro $197
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Viral Source Review Bonuses

Viral Source REVIEW

So a content locker forces your visitor to take action before they can get what they want. Like a social share, to access your juicy content inside the locker. You can get a ton of FREE traffic this way. But Tom Yevsikov, Stefan Ciancio, Guarab Borah and Timothy Miranda have a new twist on the content locker which also has a POWERFUL list building punch.

They’ve taken content lockers, and supercharged them with the ability to get people on your list and also send them FB push notifications! Push notifications are clicked on 40% of the time vs. 5% for links in emails. Think about the potential for your offers to be seen via a FB push notification vs. an email. Viral traffic from social shares. List building. FB push notifications. All in a single tool oh yes, and analytics too.

More Information : Viral Source Reviews and Bonus by Tom Yevsikov

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