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Vitamin D Drops For Kids

Best Nest Wellness Launches Vitamin D Drops For Kids To Support The American Academy Of Pediatrics’ Recommendation That All Children Get Daily Supplemental Vitamin D.

Best Nest Wellness announced their new vitamin D3 drops for children, called Best Nest Baby D Drops, with an Amazon exclusive 20% discount, from July 27 to July 31, 2016 (see Related Links below for the discount code).

Best Nest Baby D Drops is ideal for babies and children, providing the optimal amount of vitamin D for healthy bones and muscles, and develop a strong immune system to ward of illness and cancer.

“Our products are based on the latest medical advancements in science coupled with the wisdom of nature,” says Dr. Madhavi Gupta, co-founder.  “Among our core beliefs are a focus on the mind-body connection, safe and natural ingredients, sustainability and amazing customer service.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends that all children get daily supplemental vitamin D.



  • They only use vitamin D3, the form that our bodies make naturally when exposed to the sun, which is substantially more potent than vitamin D2.
  • Best Nest Wellness sources the most bioavailable form of D3, with no preservatives.
  • Best Nest Baby Vitamin D3 Drops contains just two ingredients: vitamin D3 and MCT oil, a medium chain triglyceride derived from coconuts, which improves thyroid function, heart health, immunity and brain health.
  • It’s tasteless, flavorless and odorless, so even the pickiest child won’t notice. Many other vitamin d drops use olive or safflower oil, or vegetable glycerin, which have a stronger taste, and can easily go rancid.
  • Because MCT oil stays fresher longer, Best Nest Baby D Drops comes in a large, 2 oz. bottle, with over 2000 servings.
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